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How to Repair Water Damage in Drywall

Water can be one of the most destructive forces, and when it enters a Wilmington, NC home in places where it doesn’t belong, it can wreak havoc on the walls, flooring, and contents. It’s especially hard on drywall because the material can absorb a lot of moisture. The moisture will weaken the drywall and cause other signs of damage. Hiring a water damage Wilmington, NC company is essential to prevent further damage.

If the drywall isn’t repaired, it can leave a home vulnerable. Not only could the walls or ceilings crumble, but they could also start growing dangerous mold. For those reasons and more, it’s important to repair water damage as soon as it’s spotted. Homeowners interested in learning more about the process of repairing drywall water damage should keep reading this guide from Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. 

Major Signs of Water Damage to Drywall

The sooner a person can repair drywall water damage, the better off the situation will be. However, many Wilmington, NC homeowners often overlook the first signs that indicate a problem. By the time they notice the water damage, it’s too late. To catch things right away, homeowners should familiarize themselves with the following signs of drywall water damage:

  • Stains: Even clean water can leave stains in the drywall when it dries. If there are multiple rings, that indicates a recurring leak.
  • Mold: Dark spots of mold growth on walls or ceilings suggests that there could be water damage behind the drywall.
  • Cracking or Chipping Paint: As the drywall absorbs water, it expands and causes the paint to chip or crack over time.
  • Sagging: Drywall that has absorbed a significant amount of water can start to sag and weaken. 

Things to Consider Before Repairing Drywall Impacted by Water Damage

While it’s important to start the repair process right away, there are a few things that homeowners should consider before they get started. One of the major things to keep in mind is that there is a risk of wet drywall causing the ceiling to collapse. This is more typical when there is overhead flooding, but it can be a major danger to those working beneath it. 

There is also a risk involved when the water damage stems from sewage backups or other contaminated sources.  In these cases, it’s best to hire a professional who has the proper knowledge and safety equipment to handle the dangers of the job.

Steps to Restore Water-Damaged Drywall

Whether a person decides to DIY the project or hire a water damage restoration professional, the steps should remain the same. For the best results, follow this guide to restoring drywall damaged by water. 

Prepare for the Job

To start the process, the area should be prepared. This means removing any furniture or flooring that might have gotten soaked as well. It also includes extracting any standing water. This will help to clear the workspace, but it will also give the home a chance to start drying. Tarps can also be set up to contain the water damage and prevent dust or mold from impacting unaffected areas of the home.

Remove Damaged Drywall

When it is time to actually begin, the damaged drywall should be carefully removed. It’s important to make sure that the cuts are high enough based on the level of flooding. It’s always recommended to go at least two feet above the water damage. This leaves room for error and should eliminate all of the damaged material. If the water level is unknown, an inspection can help provide more insight. 

Dry the Affected Area

After the drywall has been removed, it’s time to focus on drying and dehumidifying. Air movers and dehumidifiers are best to increase airflow. However, opening the windows and doors can also help as long as it’s not too humid outside. Even with the right tools, it can take hours, days, or weeks to complete the drying process.

Hang New Drywall

When moisture meters indicate that the affected area is now dry, it’s time to start installing new drywall and painting it. It’s recommended that homeowners contact a professional contractor to make sure this step is done properly. If a water damage restoration company was hired in the beginning, they could take care of this step themselves!

Find out More About How to Repair Drywall Affected by Water Damage

Have more questions about the process for repairing water-damaged drywall in Wilmington, NC? If so, it’s time to contact Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. Their team of helpful professionals is happy to provide more information on their processes and equipment. Best of all, they are available 24/7 for water damage emergencies, so customers can call any time of day or night! 

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