Water Damage Restoration

What To Look For In A Company Providing Water Damage Restoration

If you’ve ever experienced water damage to your home or business, then you want to hire a company to perform water damage restoration as soon as possible. In order to make an informed choice, you need to look into restoration near me that offers the services fit for your specific situation. Whether your building is in need of flood damage, storm damage, water removal, or mold remediation, it’s important to act fast so your building has a better chance of being restored to its original state before the damage took place. For best results, find a company like Pride Restoration of NC in Wilmington that provides restoration for water damage in a professional manner with quality customer service and 24 7 emergency availability.

Before you decide to hire a damage restoration company, you should first look into a few different requirements right off the bat. This can ensure that the damage repair is guaranteed to give you the results you want.

Water Damage Restoration Companies and Their Qualifications

There are two basic certifications a water restoration company should have: ICC and IICRC water certification:

  • International Code Council (ICC) is an organization that is dedicated to building safety codes. A restoration company will need to apply for an exam so their company can become certified by ICC.
  • The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers certification to restoration companies. These certifications ensure that standard procedures are met throughout the network of damage restoration companies

After you make sure a company is certified, you should look for their advanced structural drying process and how it matches up to other companies. Sharing these processes and getting these certifications are the things that people in the industry have been doing for 30 or 40 years. That’s how workers acquire the knowledge base to be able to complete restoration jobs properly. It’s always a good idea to ask the professionals that you have out at your house what kind of education they have or what certifications they have before they start working on the damage. That way you’re hiring the best damage restoration company you possibly can.

The Equipment Used by the Damage Restoration Company

The type of equipment a water damage restoration contractor uses is something you should also keep an eye out for. When you look for and hire a damage restoration company in Wilmington, you want to make sure they are using top of the line professional equipment like LGR grade dehumidifiers and large volume CFM fans. LGR grade dehumidifiers are used by almost every certified restoration company because they aid in a faster drying process and ensure that the structure is completely dry so no secondary damages or complications arise.

The Quality of the Customer Service

The most important factor to consider before hiring a water damage restoration contractor is how the community has responded to its services.  By searching on Google or Facebook for “water damage restoration Wilmington”, you can see the reviews that restoration companies have from former clients.  Really look for aspects of the reviews that relate to what you want out of customer services such as timeliness, transparency,  and how effectively the restoration job was done.  You want to make sure that any professional you hire has the client testimonials to back up their services. And don’t forget to make sure they offer 24 7 emergency services so you know they can arrive at the site of a job as soon as possible with a water damage restore team.

What Water Damage Restoration Services Entail

When your home or business has experienced water damage,  the most important thing to do is act fast. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you want your water damage company to get to the site of the damage as soon as possible to prevent any further damage from happening. Once the company starts the job, there are a few common procedures that they tend to follow. 

The process typically begins with an inspection so the water damage contractor can determine where the damage took place in a building and what the next steps of the process should be.  Part of this process involved determining what category the water damage falls into.

  • Category One: Water damage is caused by clean water, such as rain or pipes supplying clean water.
  • Category Two: Water damage is caused by grey water that comes from household appliances, such as dishwashers, or clean water that has been left to sit for too long
  • Category Three:  This is damage caused by water that has had severe contamination, such as sewage water that comes from pipe bursts.

A water damage restoration contractor like Pride Restoration of NC will also consider the extent of the damage when deciding what should be done for a particular job.  The severity of the damage is all dependent on how much water has been absorbed into the walls, floors, and furniture in the affected area. All of these factors come together to allow for a professional to decide what kind of services need to be provided to fit a specific water restoration job in an emergency situation.

Services Your Contractor Should Offer

1. Flood Damage Restoration Services

Flooding in a home or business can usually come as the result of burst pipes, leaky appliances, or as the result of heavy rainfall.  The process to fix flood damage involves complete water removal and drying of the affected area through the use of professional-grade pumps for water removal and fans for the drying. Then repairs are made to the inside of the building that has been affected by the presence of water.

2.Storm Damage Restoration Services

Water can leak into a building as a result of storm damage related emergencies.  You can especially see this when high winds cause damages to a roof, allowing water to get inside and seep into ceilings.  Repair for water damage caused by storms should focus on both repairing the part of the building affected by water damage and repairing the damage caused by the storm that allowed it to happen in the first place.

3.Water Removal

Standing water inside a building can be hazardous for the affected area and lead to further damages in an emergency situation.  Water removal should involve the process of removing all the water in the area and completely drying the floors, walls, and furniture that had been submerged in the water.  The process should then move into water damage repair. This can include making sure everything that was submerged in water is completely dry to prevent the growth of mold.

4.Mold Remediation

Mold growth can come as a result of water seeping into floors and walls. To prevent mold growth, a water restoration company will implement the complete drying of an area and then proceed to clean and disinfect that area to prevent further growth of mold. Preventing the presence of mold is important in an emergency situation because it can release toxic spores into the air that irritate allergies and cause diseases. It is an important part of the restoration process.

Pride Restoration of NC Provides Quality Restoration From Water Damage

Are you looking for a company that specializes in water damage restoration for an emergency situation? Pride Restoration of NC is a fire and water damage restoration company that provides fire damage restoration and water damage restoration in Wilmington, NC. Our 24 7 emergency service can be there for you whenever disaster strikes, whether it’s water damage or fire damage. To learn more about the water damage restoration we offer you can visit our website at https://priderestorenc.com/water-damage-restoration/ or give us a call at (910) 302-3155.

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