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Types Of Water Damage That Impact Wilmington NC Homeowners

For homeowners in Wilmington, NC, water damage is a major concern. Unfortunately, it can come from many sources, so there always seems to be a risk. Regardless of what causes the water damage, there are devastating consequences. Not only can water be incredibly destructive to the structure of a building, but it can also pose many health risks from contaminated water and future mold growth.  

For all of those reasons, it’s important that homeowners be aware of the different types of water damage to look for in their houses. Though there are many possibilities that can lead to water flooding a home, there are four types of water damage, in particular, that can be destructive. Keep reading to learn more about how these water damage sources and how a water damage restoration company can help. 

Water Damage from Storms and Flooding

While the coastal setting and riverwalk make Wilmington a special city, they also put the town and its residents at a higher risk of flooding. Heavy rains can combine with high tides to leave inches of standing water in low-lying properties. 

Not to mention, there is always the risk of flooding from hurricanes. After all, it hasn’t been that long since Hurricane Florence devasted the area with major flooding.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that natural disasters are one of the most common types of water damage in Wilmington, NC.

Water Damage from Leaks

Even if a home isn’t located in a low-lying area, there is always a risk of water damage caused by leaks. These types of water damage are typically less noticeable, but they can be equally destructive if they are ignored for too long. 

Pipes and roofs are two of the biggest culprits for leaks, so it’s important that homeowners regularly check their homes for signs of leaks. These signs could include:

  • Musty Odor
  • Discolored Walls, Floors, and Ceilings
  • Sagging Floors
  • Bubbled or peeling Paint
  • Mold Growth

Water Damage from Burst Pipes

Even though Wilmington is known for having beautiful weather most of the year, it can get cold. When it does drop below freezing, some homes are at risk of burst pipes. When this occurs, a home can take on a lot of water in just a short amount of time. 

In the best-case scenario, a homeowner is in the house when it happens, and he or she can quickly shut off the main supply line. However, a burst can happen at any time, including when a homeowner is away. In these cases, the water damage can be extremely devastating.  

Water Damage from Overflowing Appliances

Finally, overflowing appliances are another one of the most common types of water damage that homeowners face in Wilmington. A washing machine, dishwasher, or even toilet can lead to extensive water damage when they overflow. 

If a homeowner is able to stop the overflow in time, they can mitigate water damage. However, there are also instances where homeowners might not be able to stop the water, such as when there is a sewer backup.

How a Water Damage Restoration Company Can Help

Though there are many different types of water damage, homeowners don’t have to worry about dealing with the devastation on their own. There are plenty of highly-trained and capable professionals to assist with water damage restoration.

When a homeowner chooses to hire a local water damage company, they can eliminate some of the stress while the experts:

  • File the Insurance Claim: Full-service water damage experts can document the damage and file an insurance claim on behalf of the homeowner. This can ensure adequate coverage and save the homeowner a lot of hassle.
  • Extract the Water: They have the proper pumps and vacuums to eliminate any standing water quickly and efficiently from the property. They are even equipped to work when storms take out electricity.
  • Dry the Home: Their heavy-duty dehumidifiers and commercial fans help to dry the home, so there’s no risk of mold growth in the future.
  • Restore Contents: They also have access to tools that can effectively restore many contents in a home, from furniture and clothing to art and documents.
  • Handle Construction: The contractors can even rebuild areas of the home that were destroyed by water damage.

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