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Signs of Water Damage in Your Ceiling, Walls, or Floors

Identifying signs of water damage proves incredibly difficult without the help of trained professionals. Thankfully, Pride Cleaning & Restoration offers high-quality water damage restoration services at an affordable price. Trained experts have the experience and equipment to identify, treat, and remove water damage from residential and commercial properties. 

Neglected water damage inevitably leads to black mold growth, insect infestations, reduced indoor air quality, and hazardous living conditions. Prolonged exposure to mold spores can cause trouble breathing, difficulty sleeping, headaches, asthma flare-ups, and rashes. Always contact licensed and insured restoration professionals for help repairing homes from moisture damage. 

Some signs of water damage remain more evident than others. For example, a soaking wet carpet clearly indicates water damage, while high humidity levels remain more difficult to judge without the proper equipment. Advanced hygrometers, air blowers, and dehumidifiers used by restoration specialists help homeowners overcome water damage challenges. 

Please continue reading to learn the most common signs of water damage. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines essential information regarding the dangers of moisture damage in homes. Understanding the signs of water damage can help homeowners prevent widespread damage to their furniture, flooring, walls, and living spaces. 

Common Signs of Water Damage 

Sources of water damage include plumbing systems, HVAC systems, sewers, inclement weather conditions, leaking roofs, and much more. A minor leak in a roof can quickly cause widespread water damage if exposed to gusting winds, freezing rain, or heavy snowfall. Water pipes constructed of substandard lead, galvanized steel, or polybutylene can burst if not maintained by trained professionals. 

A restoration company strives to help homeowners understand the dangers of water damage. Many St. Louis residents who experience water damage in their homes ask themselves: “How could I have prevented this?” Homeowners may not be able to control unpredictable weather patterns, but they can take preventive measures to minimize water damage. 

The most common signs of water damage include the following: 

Burst Pipes 

Burst pipes remain the leading cause of water damage in St. Louis County. Signs of burst pipes include strange sounds from inside walls, pooling water underneath the sink, mold growth, irregular water pressure, and skyrocketing energy bills. Water damage restoration experts recommend cleaning pipes at least twice yearly to prevent obstructions, blockages, and corrosion damage from cracking pipes. 

Water stains on walls and ceilings can clearly indicate burst pipes. Contaminates that enter leaking pipes can introduce hazardous chemicals into drinking water supplies. Any homeowner who notices the signs of burst pipes should contact the experts at Pride Cleaning & Restoration today! 

Mold Growth

Widespread mold growth always accompanies water damage. Mold feeds on organic materials, including water, and slowly deteriorates walls, siding, wooden surfaces, and concrete flooring. Mold growth in bathrooms commonly occurs because steam, hot water, and the enclosed bathroom space provide the perfect conditions for mold and mildew growth. 

The most dangerous type of mold, called Stachybotrys atra, also known as black mold, indicates clear signs of water damage in homes. Unsightly yellow stains on furniture, persistent flu-like symptoms, and discoloration of walls remain hazardous consequences of mold growth in homes and buildings. 

Flooded Basements 

Basements provide the perfect conditions for mold growth, water accumulation, and insect infestations. Porous concrete surfaces quickly absorb water and develop cracks, spalling, potholes, and discoloration. A musty odor often accompanies water damage in basements. 

Many basements affected by water damage include peeling paint, cracked foundations, high humidity levels, and damaged concrete surfaces. Poor water drainage can cause rainwater to accumulate around the perimeter of St. Louis homes, eventually seeping into basements. Basements with poor ventilation exacerbate signs of water damage and may weaken the structural integrity of homes. 

Why Choose Pride Cleaning & Restoration 

Pride Cleaning & Restoration has proudly served the St. Louis community since 1987. Their staff undergoes extensive training and education to provide world-class damage restoration services in Missouri. On-time service, upfront price estimates, and friendly customer service set Pride Cleaning & Restoration apart from the competition. 

Additional reasons to consider Pride Cleaning & Restoration for help identifying signs of water damage include the following: 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Pride Cleaning & Restoration won’t accept payment for restoration services until our customers examine and approve our quality of work. 

Licensed and Insured 

We hold all valid business licenses and insurance to perform a wide range of damage restoration services in the state of Missouri. 

Trust Pride Cleaning & Restoration for All Your Water Damage Restoration Needs in St. Louis 

Call Pride Cleaning & Restoration today at (314) 668-1223 for superior water, fire, and mold restoration services in St. Louis! 

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