hidden water damage

Hidden Water Damage

There are times when water damage is very obvious. Whether there are puddles on the ground or visible drops of water coming from the ceiling, it can be easy to see when there is a problem. However, that isn’t always the case. There are plenty of times when water damage can be completely hidden and hard to identify. In some situations, the water damage can go unnoticed for months and cause significant damage inside walls and under floors.

It’s important to note that hidden water damage isn’t impossible to diagnose. Though the average homeowner might not know what signs to look for, a trained restoration company can help. Not only do they have experience that helps them understand the big problem areas, but they also have tools that can read moisture levels in drywall, wood, and other materials.

It might sound too good to be true, but Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. is a great example of how a restoration company can spot and treat hidden water damage. Check out this case study to see how their contractors were able to clean up hidden water damage in a Palermo apartment.

hidden water damage

The Problem with Hidden Water Damage 

Water damage is one of the worst problems that a home can have because it can lead to many other issues. When water damage goes untreated for more than 24 hours, it already increases the risk of mold developing. As the water damage continues to remain in the walls and floors, it can lead to significant mold, and homeowners may start to experience respiratory problems.

That’s not all!

Hidden water damage can also lead to secondary damage like rot. Not only does this make a space unsafe to live in, but it can also lead to more repairs down the road.

The Job Pride Restoration of NC, Inc was Hired For

An apartment building in Palermo had suffered from hidden water damage when a leak in one unit damaged the floor in another. Though the leak had been addressed in the apartment where it had occurred, the water damage in the adjacent unit had gone unnoticed and untreated. 

Eventually, it started to show signs that led the tenant to contact the property manager. From there, they reached out to Pride Restoration of NC to repair the hidden water damage

hidden water damage

The Services Provided by the Contractors

Since Pride Restoration of NC is a full-service restoration company, the property owner hired them to take care of the entire restoration from start to finish. Therefore, the contractors were responsible for:

  • Identifying all of the hidden water damage in the unit
  • Demolishing the affected area and materials
  • Reconstructing the unit to its pre-loss condition

Identify the Hidden Water Damage

The most important part of this process was thoroughly inspecting the apartment to find out where the water damage occurred. Though it was primarily hidden in the flooring, it also impacted some of the drywall in certain rooms. In order for the contractors to identify all of the problem areas, they used their moisture meters to check the different spots that had absorbed water.


Based on what they found under the floors, the contractors knew that they would have to do significant work. They ripped up wood planks, carpeting, and tile to get to mold growth that had started on the subfloors. All of that would have to be cleaned or removed. They also have to remove all of the kitchen area and some of the drywall in other rooms.


After the contractors had removed all of the damaged materials, it was time to start rebuilding. The reconstruction process was lengthy, given the extent of water damage that they had to restore. The project involved several rooms in the house, and it took several months to get the apartment back to its pre-loss condition. 

The contractors were responsible for installing new drywall, and they painted several of the rooms throughout the apartment. This step ensured that all the walls matched and looked good as new. The professionals also rebuilt the kitchen area and installed new cabinets. Finally, they installed all new flooring.

Ask About How Pride Restoration of NC, Inc Can Help with Hidden Water Damage

Homeowners who want to learn more about how to spot hidden water damage shouldn’t hesitate to contact Pride Restoration of NC. Their helpful professionals are happy to come to the property to inspect it and check for any water damage problems.

Customers in the Wilmington area can contact the restoration company 24/7 for water damage emergencies, or they can submit the online quote form for less urgent matters. 

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