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Here’s Why You Should Have Your Water Damage Company on Speed Dial

There’s never a good time to have to deal with damage to a property – even less so when it’s a case of water damage.

Here are 8 very good reasons for having a trustworthy and vetted local water damage restoration company on speed dial.

1) Limit the damage

Water damage must be dealt with quickly because it can cause extensive damage to a property. Water can seep into floors, walls and ceilings, leading to rot, warping and structural damage.

Having a restoration company on speed dial means getting a professional on-site as soon as possible to prevent further damage and potential health risks.

2) Reduce the cost

Initially, water damage may appear minor, with only visible signs of discoloration or dampness. However, as time passes, water damage can worsen over time.

The water can seep deeper into the affected materials, causing them to weaken and deteriorate. This can lead to structural damage, such as weakened walls, floors and ceilings.

It therefore goes without saying that it’s best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible to limit future repair costs down the line.

3) Avoid the risk of mold

Water damage creates an ideal environment for mold growth, which can lead to health problems such as respiratory issues, allergies and skin irritation.

Colonies start to form within 24 to 48 hours, so dealing with it early can cut out the risk to a building’s occupants.

4) Avoid electrocution

When floodwater enters a building, it can come into contact with electrical outlets, wires and appliances, potentially leading to damaged electrical systems, short circuits, electrical fires and explosions.

The water itself can conduct electricity, too, causing electrical shocks to people who come into contact with it.

It’s crucial to avoid contact with any electrical equipment or outlets until a certified professional has inspected and deemed them safe.

5) Avoid hidden hazards

When a property is filled or filling with floodwater, standing water can result in a number of hidden hazards below the waterline.

This could be silt or other debris, including sewage, brought in from outside, or other uneven or slippery surfaces. These can lead to serious illness or accidents if not addressed by professionals immediately.

6) One less thing to worry about

In an emergency situation, there are many things to be concerned about – primarily the safety of those in the building and their personal effects.

Having an already vetted water restoration company on speed dial means one less thing to worry about.

7) Return to normality as soon as possible

Depending on the severity of the water damage, vacating the property may be necessary.

Clearly, that the sooner the cleanup company arrives, the quicker the project can be completed – and the sooner normality can be restored.

8) Stronger relationships = better results

When in need of emergency assistance, for additional peace of mind, it’s always good to know what to expect when technicians arrive.

Building a relationship with a company is always a good thing. Mutual trust always produces better results. And should their services be required again, they will already be familiar with the surroundings.

What to look for in a water damage repair company

Finding that reliable provider to put on speed dial is not always easy. Here’s a checklist to help find the best water damage restoration company in the local area.  

  • Experience

Collaborating with experienced technicians guarantees that the task will be accomplished fully and correctly. With more than 20 years of industry experience, and having completed numerous successful water restoration projects, as well as receiving many referrals, a reputable company possesses the necessary expertise to initiate the repairs promptly and execute them proficiently.

  • Full insurance and licensing

In the event of an accident during the restoration process, the property owner may be held liable if the company lacks adequate insurance coverage. As a precautionary measure, it’s advisable to verify the company’s insurance credentials and confirm their validity before engaging their services. It’s equally important to ensure that the damage restoration experts are licensed and bonded, as this provides added protection for consumers and guarantees compliance with state regulations.

  • Trained and certified technicians

To achieve the best outcomes, hire a water damage restoration company with licensed technicians who have received the appropriate training and certification. Ideally, the restoration company should possess ICC and IICRC water certification certifications. Opting for a company that invests in their technicians’ continuous training and certification ensures that the restoration job will be executed in accordance with standard industry practices.

  • References from previous customers

Prior to hiring any contractor, speaking with previous clients can be a useful way to gather information about their capabilities, the quality of their services, their professionalism and problem-solving abilities. If previous customers would recommend the company to others, it indicates that the company is reliable and competent. 

  • Quick response times

With water damage, it’s crucial to avoid unnecessary delays. Instead, choose a water damage restoration company that provides 24/7 emergency services in the local area.

For a company that ticks all the boxes, choose Pride Restoration of NC, Inc.

At Pride Restoration of NC, Inc., we are the leading water damage restoration professionals in the Wilmington NC area.

We understand that quick and targeted action from experienced and certified professionals is the optimal way to limit damage and overall repair cost.

So, to be ready and prepared to tackle any water emergency, place (910) 302-3155 on speed dial now or you can submit an online form

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