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How to Handle Sewage Cleanup in Wilmington, NC

A sewage backup might not be as scary as a hurricane, but it can cause a major disruption to a family’s life. Not only are there several health hazards to keep in mind, but homeowners also must consider the extensive property damage that occurs. 

It’s no wonder that so many people feel completely overwhelmed by the sewage cleanup. Wilmington, NC residents don’t have to stress, though. In this guide, homeowners will discover the immediate steps they need to take following a sewage backup. It will also cover the important steps required to restore a home as well as a few reasons to call in professional help.

What You Need to Do Immediately After a Sewage Backup

At the first sign of a sewage backup, homeowners need to take precautions to prevent any injury or health problems. Though it might be tempting to start the cleanup process immediately, it’s more important to:

  • Evacuate the affected area.
  • Shut off gas, water, and electricity yourself, if safe, or call utility companies.
  • Ventilate the affected area by opening windows.
  • Contact a professional sewage damage restoration company.

Important Steps in a Sewage Cleanup

Once the necessary steps have been taken to ensure the safety of the home’s residents, it’s time to start the sewage cleanup. Wilmington, NC homeowners must wear the proper protective gear if they will be doing the process themselves. Whether they choose to work with professionals or not, it’s important that they take the following steps to ensure the home is restored to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

Sewage Cleanup

Mitigate Further Contamination

It’s crucial that attempts are made to reduce the spread of damage and contaminants. Homeowners should shut doors to keep the affected area separate from clean rooms. From there, sewage water should be extracted as quickly as possible. This step may require a pump and wet/dry vacuums, depending on the extent of the backup. Any remaining debris or soil should be shoveled into durable plastic bags and immediately thrown out. Doing so will help mitigate further damage. 

Remove Affected Contents & Materials

Next, homeowners need to start removing all the damaged contents and building materials in the home. Any contents that can be cleaned and salvaged should be sent off with a team of professionals. Belongings that are beyond repair will need to be discarded. If there is saturated flooring, carpeting, insulation, drywall, or baseboards, those materials should be removed as well. Since all of these items came in contact with hazardous waste, they must be disposed of properly. 

Disinfect All Surfaces

From the walls to the floors, the entire affected area needs to be washed down with the appropriate disinfectants. Extra care should be taken when scrubbing the floors to ensure that any harmful bacteria are removed. Any other household items, such as furniture and carpets, should also be cleaned if it is to return to the home. These contents must be cleaned using antibacterial products as well, and all items should be left outside to air out and dry in the sunlight.

Inspect the Space for Mold Growth

Once the space has been thoroughly cleaned and all building materials have been repaired, it’s important to inspect the space for any mold. The harmful bacteria found in blackwater can lead to some dangerous mold growth, but a team of professionals can ensure this doesn’t happen. They have special tools that allow them to check the moisture levels after the drying and dehumidifying process.

When You Need to Call a Sewage Cleanup Company

Dealing with blackwater from a sewage backup is typically too much for the average homeowner. Therefore, it’s important to contact a team of professionals to handle the sewage cleanup. Wilmington, NC homeowners should contact a restoration company if: 

  • The affected area isn’t limited to a single room.
  • The backup happened more than 24 hours ago.
  • There’s a chance the HVAC system has come in contact with sewage water.
  • Your family has health concerns that could be affected by the hazardous waste.

A professional sewage cleanup company will have all the tools and protective equipment to efficiently restore a home. They can handle the entire process to reduce stress on homeowners, and they can even assist with insurance claims processes if necessary.

Learn More About Sewage Cleanup – Wilmington, NC

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