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Mold In Your Home Or Business Is Never A Good Thing. Pride Restoration Can Help You With Mold Remediation In Wilmington NC. Contact Us For A Free Inspection & Estimate.

Mold Remediation for Your Home and Business

Mold in your home or business can be a major problem. The presence of mold, and any exposure to it, can lead to serious health issues, including respiratory illness, allergic reactions and eye and skin irritation.

If you’ve got moisture of any kind in your property, or it’s been exposed to water damage (from a burst pipe, leaky roof, storm damage, etc.), there’s a high probability that you’ll experience mold growth.

At Pride Restoration, we offer professional mold remediation in Wilmington NC, in addition to mold inspection and removal. Our expert team has all the skills and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to make your space healthy for working or living again.

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Detecting mold in your property

Mold is part of a group of microorganisms called fungi that also includes yeasts and mushrooms. Mold is predominantly black and will often look fuzzy (or slimy or wet when you get closer to it). It often gives off a strong, musty scent. Should you notice mold growing on your walls or ceilings, this should send alarm bells ringing. When allowed to grow, mold colonies can damage your possessions and produce irritants and allergens that cause health problems, including allergic reactions (such as asthma or allergic rhinitis), breathing problems, upper respiratory tract problems (such as coughing and wheezing), lung infections, and headaches. You can find out if you have a mold colony in your home or business thanks to our mold detection service. At Pride Restoration of NC, our mold testing will determine what type of mold is present, where it is most prevalent, and whether or not it needs to be professionally removed.

How does mold spread?

Mold can spread incredibly quickly. It reproduces by spreading microscopic spores, which are everywhere, including indoors, and can spread in various ways. One way is via the wind. It can carry spores into your property through windows, vents or your air conditioning system. Because they can cling to your pet’s fur, mold spores can also be brought inside by your animals. That said, bringing spores into your home won’t always lead to a mold problem. But a problem can quickly develop if the conditions are right.

Why do I have mold in my home?

Mold spores can be found everywhere. However, they require specific conditions to grow. They are:

  • A supply of water
  • Temperatures ranging from 35.6 to 104°F (2 to 40ºC)
  • An organic food supply

Mold loves moisture. So when spores land on wet or damp surfaces such as walls, pipes, insulation, drywall, carpets, ceilings or wallpaper, they will start reproducing.

A mold colony can form within 48 hours and it will feed on anything organic, such as wood, drywall, books, carpets or clothing.

While there isn’t much you can do about mold spores entering your property, you can disrupt the conditions they enjoy through mold remediation.

Mold remediation vs mold removal

Mold removal is just one of several steps of mold remediation. Our mold removal process involves the following steps:

  • Setup and containment of the damaged areas
  • HEPA vacuuming of all exposed or infected surfaces
  • Proper removal and anti-microbial wipe down of hard surfaces, including furniture, with a safe green mold cleaner
  • Removal of infected materials, if necessary
  • Negative Air Machine (NAM) or Air Scrubber operation
  • Properly bagging and discarding mold-contaminated items for removal
  • Antimicrobial treatment and Biocide application
  • HEPA vacuuming again to ensure complete mold removal
  • Encapsulation sealant process

However, mold removal alone is not enough to solve your problem for good. If your home or business has a problem with moisture or water damage, mold colonies will find a way to grow again.

With mold remediation, we address the causes of the mold. Primarily, we locate and deal with any sources of moisture within a property.

The mold remediation process

At Pride Restoration, we also offer mold remediation services to treat the root cause, including fixing leaks, repairing drainage problems or increasing ventilation.

The first step in mold remediation is to locate and remove any moisture sources that feed mold colonies. Typically, these are leaks (roofs, pipes) and areas where drainage is poor or that have been flood-damaged. At these sites, we conduct tests to find any existing colonies.

At this point, we take precautionary measures to isolate the contaminated area to prevent spores from spreading throughout your property. If a mold colony is disturbed during removal, previously settled mold spores will become airborne, and the contamination will spread. This is why you need professionals with the right expertise for this kind of job.

The next phase is mold removal. This involves removing all mold colonies and spores from your building and may include replacing materials such as drywall or wallpaper. We also implement protocols to ensure your indoor air is safe.

Once this is complete, we apply HEPA filtration to remove any remaining spores. We also carry out a comprehensive reassessment to ensure there are no remaining moisture sources that can feed a new colony.

hidden water damage

Professional Mold Remediation in Wilmington NC

Discovering mold in your home or business can never be a good thing.

Pride Restoration can help you not only with mold removal in Wilmington NC, but we can also provide you with a long-term solution through our mold remediation services.

Our experienced and dedicated team of experts has both the expertise and the equipment to remove the mold and make sure it doesn’t come back.

If you want to ensure a healthy indoor environment for your family or staff, contact us for a free inspection and estimate at (910) 302-3155.

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