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What Type Of Disinfection Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

At Pride Restoration of NC we offer disinfection cleaning services such as fogging, products like Hydrolyze, and testing. One thing that we know is that every business is unique and different. Because of this, we evaluate the risks for each business and its employees. We ask questions like: 

  • Are they still open for business? 
  • Are they still operating?
  • We look at if employees are coming in or if they are working from home? Or what kind of health risks? 
  • Are employees that are coming to work immune-compromised?

Pride Restoration of NC looks at the whole picture and then we try to figure out what we might need to offer them. If the building is vacant and nobody’s going in, then there’s no need to go in there to clean the building. Of course, if employees are coming into work we may ask them questions like, “What are you gonna do to clean the building, facility, the entry points, and the high touch areas”. 

We then offer our services to help them clean based on the needs they have for their business. We can come in and do the disinfecting or we can offer them the products and make sure they can do it themselves properly.

What Kind of Office Disinfection Products Does Pride Restoration of NC Use?

The main disinfection product we use is Hydrolyze 100, which we get from A Better Way Distributing. Hydrolyzed 100 is:

  • A hypochlorous acid cleaner
  • Water and salt like base
  • No PPE required for use
  • Can be used in spray bottles, paint sprayers, or in a bucket

In a higher grade situation, we use a medical-grade Hydrolyze that goes up to 600 PPM or parts per million. The medical-grade Hydrolyze is for more aggressive situations and has a quicker kill time on cleaning and disinfecting. 

What Types of Businesses Do You Offer Disinfection Cleaning Services To? 

The demand that we see here at Pride Restoration of NC is from larger companies that have a large employee base. These companies are concerned because they have some employees that may have come down and tested positive for COVID. Companies that process meats or handle food have to be very, very cautious. There have been many grocery stores throughout the region that have had issues with employees testing positive and they’ve had to do a full decontaminating of their store. 

Other businesses we help are restaurants that are preparing to open. It’s very critical that restaurants follow proper protocol, keep everybody safe, and use the right cleaning products. We can also help other restoration companies around the country by providing them with the proper solutions to use in their businesses and for their clients while keeping their employees safe at the same time.

Do You Offer Commercial Disinfection To Gyms?

Gym owners are especially cautious right now because their members are wanting to go back in there and start working out, but they’re worried. Hydrolyze can help gym owners effectively clean and disinfect their business for many reasons.

  • Proven to kill viruses similar to coronavirus
  • Kills viruses in two minutes
  • Leave no offensive smells or odors
  • Dries quickly with no residue

There are so many touch areas on a piece of exercise equipment. The best way to clean and sanitize that because you know you’ve got to have someone going behind them. The issue with gym owners running around with a lot of the products out there is that these other products require a dwell time of up to 10 minutes for that solution to stay in contact and stay wet on that surface. If you’re having to wait 10 minutes in between the time somebody gets off the machine and spray it, you know that solution may actually end up drying because of the humidity or if fans are running.

The climate control can create a quicker drying process so they may not be really adequately disinfecting it. Gym owners really need a product that is going to be safe and can be effective with shorter dwell time.

What Do You Mean by Dwell Time During Disinfection Cleaning? 

Dwell time is when we refer to how long it takes for that product to land on the surface and eliminate germs and viruses. When you look at a product on the back where they will make a claim on the time it takes for the product to kill a virus. On the back, it will say, ”kills 99.99% of all viruses”. You really have to read the directions on the container and delve deeper into what you’re spraying on the surface. 

  • What does it kill something? 
  • Is it killing it effectively? 
  • When you spray it, how quickly is it killing that virus, bacteria or germ that’s on that surface? 
  • When it lands on that surface, how long does it have to sit there and be in contact with that germ, virus, or bacteria actually kill it?

What we’ve found through a lot of research is that most products out there over the counter and even a lot of professional chemicals that we’ve seen being used, even at major department stores and grocery stores, take 10 minutes of dwell time. This means it takes 10 minutes for that solution to sit on that surface and have any effect on actually killing that virus. There’s a lot of people that don’t read through it and understand how long it takes for a product to kill germs effectively. 

Dwell time is an important factor that everybody needs to understand when you’re spraying a product. How effective was it? Is it really killing germs in a minute, two minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes, or at all? If it has a dwell time of 10 minutes, the product really isn’t effectively doing its job. We call it the spray and pray process that a lot of people are using because they are just not aware of the process. When it comes to sanitization and disinfection it’s important to know:

  • The product you’re using
  • Dwell times on the surface
  • How long it takes to kill germs and viruses

Are you looking for disinfection cleaning for your business? Call us at (910) 302-3155 or visit our disinfection cleaning page to learn more. 

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