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What Type Of Disinfectant Testing Do You Offer?

We have a couple of different disinfectant testing options we can conduct for your home or business. We use an ATP meter and the ATP is basically measuring the bacteria on a surface, or level of biofilm, it won’t tell us what is on the surface. The ATP meter won’t tell you if it’s Ecoli, Staph, or what exactly it is, but it’ll give you an account total of what is on the surface. Many people want to know if we are really doing any good for their home or business. This is how we can help show you the difference we make.

  • We can swab and then use a meter that has a scale that goes green if it’s sanitized to a dark purple if it’s contaminated.
  • The hygiene system where we swab and in 15 seconds we can give you a before and after easily.

We expect swab methods to greatly increase going forward because everybody’s worried about public health with the current situation of COVID. With the swab methods, we come in and swab the surface and could tell them within minutes if it’s green being sanitized and it’s clean or if it’s contaminated more of a purple or how many things are on the surface in just a few seconds. These types of testing can be done before and after cleaning for our clients to show them what we are doing is as effective and give them the peace of mind knowing that. 

How Does The Disinfectant Testing Process Work?

When we test, we can do a mapping of the building of different areas that were tested before and after cleaning and give a full report to a client. This way the client has something in their records and they can show their employees. Another reason to get a mapping done for records is that some insurance companies want to make sure that business owners are doing everything they can to protect staff and customers.

The swabs are available online through Amazon. It’s Hygiena that makes both swabs. One requires a machine and the other one has the color-coding and does not require a machine. It is not cheap though as these tests can run up $300 apiece on average.

Tell Us a Little Bit About Pride Restoration of NC’s Background And History In Disinfectant Testing Services

Jim founded Pride Restoration of NC in 1987 and this is actually Pride Restoration of NC’s 33rd year in business. We started doing carpet cleaning and grew from carpet cleaning to water restoration and then expanded into fire restoration and then mold restoration. We currently have a location in St. Louis, Missouri where we employ close to 20 employees. Then in 2018 Jim’s wife, Susan, who’s been involved in small business development who has been a president of a bank, has been a CFO for a large employer in Centralia. She’s been part of the team full time and has been the CFO for three and a half years now. Pride is a family and veteran-owned company. Jim is an Air Force/Navy vet and uses his military background training and discipline to do the best job he can for making sure he has a good crew of employees. 

In 2018 after Hurricane Florence devastated and caused a lot of damage in Wilmington, North Carolina, Pride Restoration of NC got referred to some jobs out there from a local friend. It was discovered that they were probably going to be needing help and there was just a shortage at the time as everybody was overwhelmed. We went out there to assess them and ended up getting hammered by everybody once they found out we were there and we were able to help.

We just decided that there was such a need here. We found a lot of the local companies weren’t equipped and qualified to do everything that needed to be done. There were landscapers that were going into business and they’re trying to do restoration. There were guys that did roofing and were trying to do restoration. These people of Wilmington needed somebody that had experience and knowledge and would make sure it’s done right. We were and are so excited about the opportunity to help people in Wilmington and we’re actually still taking care of homes that were damaged by Hurricane Florence nearly two years later. 

There’s just so much devastation out there and so many people just unknown of the damage that they actually had in their houses because they relied on their insurance company to evaluate whether they had damaged or not. That’s like asking the IRS to give you tax advice to save money on your taxes. They’re just not going to benefit you but Pride Restoration of NC can help with that.

We offer many services from disinfection cleaning to disinfectant testing. We can help you with disinfecting your home or business today. Call us at (910) 302-3155 or visit our disinfectant testing page to learn more. 

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