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Some Cleaners can be extremely bad for your health and home. Pride Restoration of NC offers a full line of Green Cleaning products.
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Cleaning With Green Products

Pride Restoration of NC is committed to promoting safe and healthy environments by reducing toxins and chemicals when cleaning with green products. We understand that many of the elements found in typical cleaning products may not be compatible with your home or business. Along with striving to keep our clients healthy, we also strive to keep our environment clean and healthy. In order to continue this work, we offer and use a wide range of green cleaning solutions.

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Don’t just sanitize…hydrolyze! Backed by nature, electrolyzed water (ie. hypochlorous acid) is an all-natural, no-rinse, non-toxic, non-irritant, and environmentally safe antimicrobial solution that is the product of the electrochemical reaction of water, salt, and electricity.

It serves as a potent antimicrobial agent, approximately 100 times as effective as chlorine bleach.

Electrolyzed water is generated by the electrolysis of a diluted NaCl solution interacting with an electrolytic cell. This process creates an anolyte solution predominantly of hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl is a powerful oxidant. A Better Way Distributing can generate large volumes of concentrated and stable HOCl in solution which is unobtainable via the preparation of traditional chlorinated chemicals. Electrolyzed water is highly biocidal and can kill common foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, and Campylobacter in less than 30 seconds of contact. It has been proven to be effective against bacterial spores and viruses that can be highly resistant to other disinfectants. Electrolyzed water is also capable of dislodging and removing biofilm which can be a major contributor to contamination in pipes and clean-in-place (CIP) systems of beverage and dairy manufacturing.

What is electrolyzed water in general?

  • Electrolyzed water, or E-Water, is water that has been treated to become a disinfectant against microbes like bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, mold, and algae.
  • E-Water’s main chemical is hypochlorous acid (HCOl), which is created when saltwater undergoes electrolysis and is maintained at a neutral pH.
  • Hypochlorous acid is fast-acting, affecting microbes on a mitochondrial level far quicker than hazardous chemical disinfectants.
  • Non-toxic for humans, animals and the environment, and is also hypoallergenic so no special handling is required
  • Usable as water, ice, or aerosol.

How Does Hydrolyze Work?  

The Magic

The ‘magic’ behind the entire Hydrolyze product line is not really ‘magic’ at all, but rather nature at its purest combined with proven science. Hydrolyze’s main ingredient is hypochlorous acid, a substance found naturally in the human body, and replicated by scientists by running an electrical charge through a combination of salt and water. This electro-chemical reaction reproduced the hypochlorous acid within a solution now known as anolyte water, and paved the way for a new generation of health, healing and cleanliness.

The Discovery

Now, to be fair, A Better Way Distributing was not the first to discover what nature already posesses. Anolyte water was first discovered by a French surgeon, Nobel Laureate Alexis Carrel, in cooperation with a British biochemist, Drysdale Dakin. Their time period was World War I, and their mission was to aid the soldiers wounded in battle. They used HOCI stabilized with boric acid, to flush the interior surfaces of those wounded. The solution proved effective in not only preventing sepsis, but also in accelerating the healing process, and saving countless lives.

The Advantage

Today, hypochlorous acid in a stabilized form is a weapon to use against the countless things that threaten the immune system of your body, or cleanliness of your environment. Our homes, works places, kids, pets, farms and food are all vulnerable to germs, bacteria, infection or disease. You have hypochlorous acid in your own body to fight the war on health from within, and now you have hypochlorous acid in a bottle to fight from the outside.

What is the advantage of hypochlorous acid over traditional cleaners you might ask? Most of the pathogens, particularly water-born, when used over time, develop resistance to cleansers such as sodium hypochlorite (bleach). In comparison, anolyte application, as a water disinfectant, used on a daily basis over the course of ten years, demonstrated that no resistance was developed over time to pathogenic microorganisms. Hypochlorous acid is also free from harmful fumes.

The Science

Hypochlorous acid, in the body, works to break down the cells that are creating the infection by destroying the cell membrane and its DNA, thus halting the replication or growth process.

The Product

Hydrolyze’s products contain hypochlorous acid as an active ingredient and is formulated with varying concentrations to create a full line of products effective in cleaning and deodorizing.

PreVasive Green Cleaning

By far, one of our favorite green cleaning solutions are the PreVasive Green Chemistry products. We use these green, botanical products in a variety of industries to provide a full disinfecting clean without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins. Are you looking to clean with green products? Looking for green cleaning Wilmington NC? Explore the industries we serve below and see if PreVasive is the solution for you.  

Industries We Serve

Healthcare Cleaning & Hospital Cleaning Services

Our disinfectant and cleaning solutions meet and exceed the strict industry standards for use in healthcare facilities. Our green cleaning services remove and protect against harmful pathogens.

Education Cleaning

PreVasive disinfectants clean and kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. Our cleaning services provide safe & healthy learning environments for students and staff.

Food & Restaurant Cleaning

Pride Restoration of NC delivers pathogen control solutions to help prevent the spread of foodborne illness. Our sanitation process helps you maintain a top quality rating for your food establishment.

Nursing Homes

PreVasive disinfectant helps protect your residents, staff, and visitors from infection & disease. Our cleaning process covers everything from odor control to carpet stain removal & kitchen sanitization.


PreVasive Noroxycdiff Antimicrobial is a high grade sporicide that controls mold spore proliferation. It is used widely in restoration projects by applying it on restored surfaces for ongoing mold protection.

Restoration Services In Wilmington NC Region

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Green Cleaning FAQs

What does “green cleaning” mean?

Green cleaning is cleaning with products that protect both humans and the environment all while effectively disinfecting surfaces and the air. 

My business has strict cleaning requirements. Will green cleaning meet these?

Our green cleaning solutions meet some of the strictest cleaning requirements in the world. We often work with hospitals & nursing homes who have strict industry standards for disinfection. 

Which industries do you provide green cleaning for?

We work with clients in healthcare, education, food service, nursing homes, and more!

What is PreVasive green cleaning?

PreVasive Green Chemistry utilizes botanical products in a variety of industries to provide a full disinfecting clean without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins.

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