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A fire in a home or business can cause a lot of damage. Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. is here to help restore your property in the aftermath of a blaze. Contact us now for a free inspection and estimate.

Your Trusted Fire Damage Restoration Company in Wilmington NC

If the conditions are right, even a small fire can quickly spread out of control, sometimes in a matter of seconds. If not handled correctly, the results can be catastrophic, with widespread structural damage, and lead to many complications caused by smoke, soot and toxic chemicals.

At Pride Restoration of NC, Inc., Inc. we offer full-service fire damage restoration, so order can be restored as quickly as possible. Our fire damage restoration services include:

  • Board up / roof tarp
  • Detection and removal of toxic chemicals and noxious gases
  • Safe removal of damaged items and materials
  • Clearing out water from firefighting
  • Smoke and soot damage cleaning
  • Content Cleaning
  • Deodorization
  • Full restoration and repairs

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Certified Fire Restoration Contractors

Fire can cause significant damage to any property. High temperatures and flames can weaken or melt structural materials, causing the building to become unstable or at risk of collapse. Likewise, the intense heat generated by a fire can warp, melt, or discolor building materials such as plastic, vinyl and metal.

The smoke and soot produced by a fire can also penetrate porous materials like walls, carpets and furniture, leaving an unpleasant odor and staining the surfaces.

Besides the obvious material damage, some very toxic chemicals may also be produced during a fire. This happens when various parts of construction materials, solvents, glues and other items in the structure of a building break down. If you’re not careful, these chemicals can be extremely harmful.

That’s why when you experience a fire in your home or business, you need a certified fire restoration company that can evaluate the property professionally and handle the restoration process from start to finish.

At Pride Restoration of NC, Inc., our certified technicians are trained to handle all consequences of fire damage and have access to state-of-the-art equipment.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Once our technicians are on the scene of the fire, they quickly assess the damage in order to determine what can be salvaged and what must be disposed of, the full extent of the loss and the type of smoke caused by the fire.

The latter is extremely important. Only once they have identified the type of smoke can they decide on the most effective cleaning method.

There are several types of smoke, and their characteristics influence the type of cleanup operation required:

  •  Wet smoke is most often caused by burning plastic or rubber. It has a strong odor and leaves behind a thick and sticky residue, making smoke webs difficult to clean.
  •  Dry smoke is typically caused by burning wood or paper and leaves behind a smelly, powdery dry soot. It’s relatively easy to clean unless it falls into cracks and crevices, hiding from view.
  •  Black smoke rises very quickly. It results from burning plastic (electronics) and fabrics (furniture, clothes, curtains etc) and clings to everything it comes into contact with, leaving a smudged residue.
  •  Protein smoke is practically invisible and is very greasy. It’s caused by cooking fires and has an extremely pungent odor. It discolors paints and varnishes.

Once our assessment is complete, we issue clients with an estimate for how long the fire damage restoration process will take and set to work on restoring your property to how it was before.

Experienced Fire Damage Restoration Near Me

Whenever dealing with the aftermath of a fire, fast action will always help limit structural damage and reduce the hazards posed by smoke and soot.

In such circumstances, knowing a trustworthy local fire damage restoration company in Wilmington NC that can act quickly can be invaluable.

Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. offers the most comprehensive fire damage restoration service in Wilmington NC and the surrounding areas, including Bald Head Island BeachLelandNavassaSneads FerryWilmingtonWrightsville and more.

Call us at any time at (910) 597-3696!

Are you worried about the cost of fire damage restoration?

After a fire emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is a complicated insurance claim. Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. will work closely with your insurance provider to navigate the entire process and give your claim the best chances of success. We have your back. 

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We offer the following Restoration Services in the Wilmington NC area

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Fire Damage Restoration FAQs

I’ve just had a fire in my home. What should I do?

If you’ve had a fire, no matter the size, you should call Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. at (910) 597-3696. We’re experts in fire damage restoration and can help you to minimize the damage while keeping you safe from smoke and soot hazards.

How long does fire damage restoration take?

The time it takes to restore a property after fire damage depends on several factors, including the extent and severity of the damage, and the size of the property. In general, the restoration process can take anywhere from a few days to several months. After completing our site assessment, we can provide a detailed estimate.

How much does fire damage repair cost?

The cost of fire damage repair can vary widely, depending on the severity of the damage and the extent of the restoration needed. Additionally, if there is water damage or mold growth resulting from the fire, these will add to the overall repair costs. At Pride Restoration of NC, Inc., we will work with your insurance provider to ensure that you get all that you’re entitled to.

Do I have to move out while fire damage repairs are made?

Again, this depends on the scale of the damage and if toxic chemicals or fumes have been detected inside your home or business. If the levels are dangerous, you may need to spend a few days in a hotel or close the building for a period of time.

Can I clean fire damage myself?

Even if the fire was relatively small, having the fire-damaged area inspected and tested for harmful chemicals is still important. Our state-of-the-art technology can detect and neutralize the harmful chemicals produced during a fire, as well as contain hazardous materials.

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