Empie Park

Empie Park

Empie Park is a testament to the fact that you don’t need a bunch of over the top bells and whistles to have a great time with your family. There’s a level of greatness in simplicity that people sometimes tend to forget. The park was already a great attraction, and the performance of various renovations and improvements only served to take things to the next level.

One of the standout improvements was based around accessibility. Now, Empie Park is tremendously accessible from the Wilmington Cross City Trail, which was not the case before. Additionally, there’s now more for visitors to do, which goes a long way in eliminating the repetitiveness that can be a problem with going to parks. Even the dogs that come with their trainers can find more to do now.

How about Some Biking, Walking, or Running?

With the improvement to the trail discussed above, there’s now a paved path that makes a few previously unknown possibilities a reality. Now people can bike, walk, or run around the circumference of the park. There may have been many persons in the past who were disappointed that they couldn’t enjoy their bikes during a visit. Now, that feeling is a thing of the past.

The Althea Gibson Tennis Complex

The tennis complex is a legendary attraction. First, 18 lighted tennis courts are present, which is already a marvel. However, there’s more! A clubhouse lies on the property, and it’s complete with a meeting room, a snack counter, and even a lounge. It measures 1500 sq feet, and it’s just enough to meet the needs of those interested in using it.

Note that the complex is not closed off or dedicated to a private set of persons. It’s just as public as the rest of the park. The tennis courts are in high demand, though, so getting one is sometimes a chore. That’s why there’s a signup system that now exists for people who are interested in using one.

What’s not free is the lessons that the city offers and the tournaments that it puts on. If you’re not interested in all that, though, then you can freely enjoy the courts, but you do have to rent ball machines if you want them.

Basketball Courts

Tennis isn’t the only sport getting some attention, as the park features a couple of basketball courts. Unlike the tennis complex, however, there’s nothing too fancy taking place here. It’s your standard basketball court layout. Note that’s not a bad thing, as it still means you can shoot some serious hoops.

Softball and Baseball Fields

There is yet another sport option available. While the tennis complex did eliminate two of the fields, it didn’t take all of them. Take the opportunity to jump into a couple of games when you can.

The Dog Park

People have been taking their dogs to parks for a very long time. The question is, how many parks have a facility that’s dedicated to the enjoyment of the said dogs? Empie Park did very well in this regard, and now numerous dogs are regulars, and they come to play and have fun daily. There are even waste stations, water areas, and special areas for small and large dogs. 

Are you ready to experience a day of fun with your family? Go visit Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park.

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