Battleship North Carolina

Battleship North Carolina

This memorial-style attraction began operating in 1961, and it did a unique thing by restoring a World War II battleship authentically. It’s a historic national landmark, and it’s also intended to honor the over 11,000 North Carolinians who pledged their lives and paid the ultimate price during service during World War II.

The ship has nine levels, including an engine room, berthing areas, a Combat Information Center (CIC), a bridge, etc. The idea is for visitors to visit all nine levels for a fulfilling and complete experience.

It’s an experience that’s at its best when you have multiple persons coming along with you. Have fun lazing around in a berth, relaxing in the mess hall, and even playing with the mounted guns (they don’t work, of course).

As the Battleship North Carolina is meant to serve as a memorial, she has the schedule of one. That’s excellent news for those interested in paying a visit since it means she’s open for the whole year, regardless of which day or date it is. So, feel free to pay a visit on any public holiday you may wish.

Meet the Showboat

This should be an exciting offering for those wanting to learn more about the ship and what life at sea may have been like. Several veterans volunteered to conduct presentations that focus on different topics. When complete, you may engage with each presenter to get even more information that you may want. The topics present are as follows:

  • A brief history of the showboat
  • Understanding what life at sea was like for the crew
  • How the design and technology that make up the boat prepared it to have a victorious outcome
  • Marine missions
  • The brain behind the operation of the mounted guns
  • The evolution of tactics and the human element involved in the responsibility of firing the guns
  • The experience of life at sea

Each of these sessions can run anywhere from 30-45 minutes, and they don’t cost a thing to take part in. However, there are many knowledge seekers out there, and the spaces available are limited. Therefore, you need to run through the online registration process to ensure that you can take part as you desire.

The Archives

If you want even more history as a part of the already incredible experience, consider browsing the archives available, as they contain a series of original materials that all have their stories to tell. 

This includes documentation with technical and historical information that helps the team adequately maintain the ship as faithfully as possible, based on what its original incarnation would’ve looked like and how it would operate. Much of the records are in a phase of being digitized for accessibility and ease of use.

The collection includes photographs, reports, personal papers, journals, oral history recordings, manuals, etc. What makes these valuable is their status as primary sources, which means that they come from people who were directly connected to the ship’s historical happenings.

Ticket sales occur between 8 AM and 4 PM daily for those who want to pay a visit, and the ship remains open until 5 PM.

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