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Water Damage Restoration, Reconstruction, and Remodel in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina.

Project Type

In January 2021, a severe hurricane struck the town of Sneads Ferry, North Carolina. As with any natural disaster, we hope and pray that the damage is minimal to homes, businesses, and that everyone is safe. However, we know that a full service water damage restoration company should always be on speed dial when a natural disaster occurs. Unfortunately, our client Mr. Nichols, had severe hurricane damage to his three story home. After he called us to come assess the damage to his home from the storm, he called his insurance company. His insurance was offering an overall $4600 for the cost of repairs. After Mr. Nichols told our team this, we knew we needed to go above and beyond like never before.

Project Challenges

A hurricane can destroy and take anything in its path. After the storm settles and fades away, the cleanup and the realization of what has been lost and building and restoring again what is found just begins. First, our team had to safely make sure the house was safe and stable to work in, we began assessing the damage. The water damage was an imminent factor in the remains of the three story home. It is extremely important to deal with water damage as soon as possible to minimize not only damage but mold health hazards to your space.

Project Results

As you can only imagine, the damage after a hurricane can be just as tough on the homeowner as it is on the home and the personal belongings inside it. We made sure to work closely with Mr. Nichols insurance company and communicate with them as often as needed. After inspecting the home, our team was able to perform the water damage restoration, and make all the repairs to the home including new drywall, light fixtures, windows, doors, etc. Overall, after we documented and submitted the damage to Mr. Nichols insurance company, his insurance company paid for everything. Over $260,000 paid out for all the work and all covered by his insurance policy.

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