Flood Restoration

What is Flood Restoration and Why is it Important in Wilmington, NC?

While Wilmington, NC is known for being a coastal town, water isn’t always welcome aside from the Riverwalk and beach. It can be incredibly destructive when it leads to flood damage in a home. Unfortunately, the Low Country is susceptible to floods from natural disasters like hurricanes. Homes can also be flooded when plumbing or sewage problems occur.

No matter the cause of the damage, it’s important that homeowners hire a flood restoration company. They also need to recognize that the flood restoration process is different from just minor water damage cleanup. Flood damage can cause even more destruction. Keep reading to learn more about what flood restoration is and why Wilmington homeowners need the services. 

What is a Flood Restoration?

A flood restoration is the process of returning a flood-damaged property to its pre-loss condition. While there are many ways the job can be done, most of it will depend on how much the flood water damaged the residential or commercial property.

For example, minor flood damage can usually be cleaned up and repaired quickly with minimal disruption to a family’s daily routine. More severe damage, however, can require contractors to replace damaged building materials and reconstruct the home’s structure.   

Regardless of how large or small the job may appear to be, homeowners should work to get the property restored as quickly as possible. Fortunately, experienced professionals can help.

What is the Flood Restoration Process?

Though there are many different companies with their own tools and methods, the general steps for the flood restoration process usually remain the same. The following are the key steps that a homeowner or contractor should follow for the most effective results. 

Extracting the Water

To start the flood restoration process, any and all standing water needs to be completely removed. When a homeowner hires a professional for the job, this step is much easier. Contractors have access to truck-mounted pumps that can remove several gallons of water per minute. They also have wet/dry vacuums that they can safely use to remove smaller amounts.  

Drying Remaining Moisture

From there, the house or building will need to be thoroughly dried to prevent any secondary water damage issues. This process can take a few hours or several days, depending on how much water is absorbed by the property’s materials. In more severe cases, this step could even take weeks!

Experienced flood restoration companies can use several tools and methods to dry both belongings and the structure of the house. Their industrial-grade dehumidifiers and commercial air movers are effective in increasing ventilation and removing moisture from the air and property. 

Cleaning & Sanitizing Surfaces

Next, it’s crucial that the house be cleaned and sanitized. This step can prevent mold from growing in the future. When a homeowner chooses to hire a flood restoration crew, they can rest assured that they have access to some of the best antimicrobial cleaners and disinfectants.  The experts also have knowledge of which cleaning products should be used on different materials. 


Finally, the house needs to be restored back to its pre-loss condition by making repairs and reconstructing the structure. If the flood damage is very severe, the contractors may have to completely rebuild the house. Fortunately, they are licensed and trained to provide these services, so homeowners don’t have to worry about hiring multiple contractors for the job. 

Reasons Homeowners Need Flood Restoration Services in Wilmington, NC

There are many reasons for homeowners to complete a flood restoration after their property suffers from water damage. As mentioned, the Wilmington area is especially prone to flooding from natural disasters, so locals should be prepared to hire a flood restoration crew at any time. Though they could certainly attempt to DIY the cleanup, it can be both costly and time-consuming—especially if it isn’t done right the first time.

Wilmington homeowners who hire flood restoration professionals can benefit from:

  • Fast Service: The experts can work faster thanks to their specialized equipment.
  • Effective Methods: Contractors are trained in the best practices to restore a home.
  • Less Stress: Hiring contractors takes the stress and responsibility off the homeowner’s shoulders.
  • Fewer Secondary Problems: Flood restorations can prevent secondary problems like mold growth and rot.

Learn More About Flood Restoration Solutions in Wilmington, NC

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