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Disaster can strike when you least expect it, and whether it’s the result of a burst pipe, leaky appliance, or flooding caused by a storm, water damage to your home or business can be especially devastating. Flooding inside your building can lead to both short and long term damage in the form of permanent structural damage and eventual mold growth caused by the seeping of water into your walls, ceilings, and floors. A water damage restoration company can help in repairing and preventing further damage for these areas. But what about the items that are not a permanent feature of the house? Items, such as furniture, appliances, electronics, documents, and anything else that can become lost due to flood waters can be hard to save. That’s where professional contents cleaning comes in.

Contents cleaning is the process of salvaging those hard to replace items in your home that have been affected by water damage. Contents cleaning can be incredibly important for people who are dealing with water damage in their home due to flooding or excess moisture in the building. This is not only because the items lost can be expensive or difficult to replace, but because of the memory that can be connected to these items. A floor or a wall can be replaced without much fanfare, but a precious heirloom passed down by a relative or even a couch you’ve owned for a while can have precious memories attached to them, and that can never be replaced. Through contents cleaning, you have a fighting chance in keeping those memories long after the worst damage is dealt with. Not all items can be salvaged, but Pride Restoration of NC can help by providing their contents cleaning service as a part of their water damage restoration process.

How Contents Cleaning Works

The Pride Restoration of NC contents cleaning  process involves the restoration of any cherished belongings that might have been affected by water damage such as antiques, furniture, and clothes to the state they were in before the damage. This process of contents cleaning involves the team at Pride Restoration of NC providing their cleaning expertise through a few different strategies such as:

  • Odor removal: This involves the elimination of the musty scents that can be found on objects due to mold and water damage.
  • Hand washing: Items that are too delicate to be washed in Pride Restoration of NC’s machines can be washed by hand.
  • Sanitizing: Any toxic molds or dangerous substances are removed from your items so they are safe to use.
  • Drying: Professional drying equipment is used to effectively dry large items, such as furniture.
  • Refinishing: Items that are damaged are refinished and restored to their original quality.

This contents cleaning process is important to not only repair any water damage, but also prevent the mold growth on those items that can lead to odor and disease. Pride Restoration of NC offers contents cleaning services that can be applied to the restoration of many different objects. Trying to restore objects on your own can be a daunting task and by hiring a contents cleaning company you are ensuring that the job is done right.

Pride Restoration of NC can even restore electronic items through their system of immediately cleaning the outside and then bringing the item into a professional electronics technician for cleaning. Expensive electronic items such as TVs and computer cans are expensive to replace, so it’s important to remember to take fast action to give yourself a better chance at salvaging them and turning the items off to ensure your safety.

Pride Restoration of NC can even help save items that are easily destroyed due to water damage such as photographs and documents. Items like these can be difficult to restore to a pre-damage condition, but Pride Restoration of NC can help minimize the damage through their drying 


The last thing to remember before you hire a contents cleaning service is to keep a log of all items damaged or lost due to water damage. These can help you keep track of the repairs that were done to make the process of filing for an insurance claim a whole lot easier. You should always check your insurance company’s policy to see what they cover for their homeowner’s insurance. 

Looking for Contents Cleaning in your Area? Call Pride Restoration of NC If You’re Looking for Effective and Professional Services

Whenever you’re experiencing water damage to your home or building, it can be hard to know where to start. Hiring a contents cleaning company can help to make sure you can restore any items that can possibly be salvaged. It’s hard to lose precious memories due to water damage, but Pride Restoration of NC can help people in Wilmington protect and restore items when they don’t know where to start.

“We know that losing one’s possessions to water damage can be a very emotionally taxing experience for our clients,” said Jim Seubert owner of Pride Restoration of NC. “That’s why we treat each client’s case with professionalism and respect.”

Pride Restoration of NC’s contents cleaning service is a great way to fight for those cherished objects that may have been lost otherwise. You can learn more by going to their website at or calling their number at (910) 302-3155.

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