Pride Restoration Of NC Helps North Carolina With Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is now in full swing, which means your home or business may be at risk. Whenever a hurricane strikes, the results can be devastating. Strong winds, heavy rains, and flooding can cause severe damage to your building. Debris that hits your home due to hurricane winds can expose the inside of your home to water damage. This damage can be costly and timely to repair. Pride Restoration Of NC is an emergency restoration company that is focused on teaching the North Carolina community about hurricane preparedness. With the right proper knowledge and education, it is possible to prevent the amount of water damage repair needed after a hurricane.

Steps to take toward hurricane preparedness 

Hurricane season lasts from June 1st through November 30th in the Atlantic Basin that encompasses the southeastern coast of the United States. Although the peak for the season is from mid August to late October, deadly hurricanes can happen at any point. The most important thing is making sure that you’re taking the proper steps to keep your family safe by knowing when the hurricane is expected to hit, getting any emergency supplies you need, and evacuating if necessary. There are also steps you can take before a hurricane hits to increase your knowledge of hurricane preparedness and minimize the risk of damage to your home or business while helping with insurance:

  • Take an inventory: Knowing exactly what items are in your home can help with insurance purposes later. Cataloging the items you think may be at risk for loss can make the claims process a whole lot easier.
  • Check your insurance: You can increase your hurricane preparedness by reviewing your coverage so you know it will be enough to cover any damage before hurricane season begins. You should keep in mind that homeowner’s insurance can cover damages to your home related to hurricanes and cover temporary living conditions if you need to relocate. You may also want to consider flood insurance since most homeowner’s policies don’t cover floods.
  • Minimize the risk of debris: You can take steps such as replacing the gravel around your building with mulch, cutting down any loose tree branches, making sure your glass is tempered, and making sure any doors/garage doors are up to date to prevent the risk of debris hitting your building or water getting in.
  • Keep your building sealed: The most important step to hurricane preparedness is keeping water out since water damage is particularly difficult to repair. The better constructed a house is, the less risk for water damage. You want to make sure no water can get behind the exterior sheathing by filling in any cracks in the brickwork, blocks, and any gaps in the siding. Seal up the doors and windows and consider installing storm shutters to protect your windows.

Prevent costly water damage during a hurricane

You can help keep your building safe with hurricane preparedness. But even if you do everything you can, there still may be damage that needs repair. When disaster strikes and you need help with hurricane damage, Pride Restoration of NC will be there to help for after the storm. Pride upholds themselves on being with you every step of the way while providing water damage restoration, storm damage cleanup, and flood damage restoration. They even work with your insurance so you can spend more time focusing on rebuilding your life.

“We know North Carolina is especially at risk, so we do everything we can to provide reliable water damage restoration,” Said owner of Pride Restoration Of NC, Jim Suebert.

Pride Restoration Of NC has been an integral part of the community in North Carolina by serving a wide range of homes and businesses in the Wilmington, NC area.

Having the hurricane preparedness to handle hurricane season can give you the peace of mind to know your home or your business can survive any storm crisis when it comes your way. To learn more about how Pride Restoration of NC can help, visit their website at https://priderestorenc.com/storm-cleanup/ or get a free estimate by calling (910) 302-3155.

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