Local Veteran-Owned Business Offers 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Pride Cleaning & Restoration of Wilmington, NC announces that it offers 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services. For over thirty years, the company has provided residential and commercial water restoration in Wilmington, NC. The team has the experience to guide homeowners through the entire process from water damage inspection to total restoration. Pride Cleaning & Restoration is the most comprehensive resource for water damage in Wilmington, NC and will even work with insurance companies to ensure proceedings go smoothly.

No matter the scope of the damage, Pride can effectively dry and restore homes and belongings promptly. The company’s certified technicians are trained to identify the best drying solution to suit specific needs. Pride performs structural drying for small rooms to houses to commercial buildings. The team can also dry the contents within a home since some memories are too important to be discarded. Pride Cleaning & Restoration provides specialty drying for hardwood flooring, concrete, confined spaces, and crawl spaces. Emergency services include boarding up, tarping over, and taking care of temporary electricity.

In the aftermath of a hurricane or other disaster, a home or business owner should quickly enlist the services of a water restoration specialist. Fast treatment minimizes mold health hazards and reduces water-related damage.

Pride Cleaning & Restoration surpasses other restoration companies in Wilmington, NC by providing exceptional customer service. A client posted a five-star review, writing, “I met the owner of Pride Cleaning & Restoration at my local real estate Investors association meeting. He showed up impromptu after Hurricane Florence and explained to our group how he came to the area to help out a friend who was in trouble with damage to their home. He was very genuine and likable. I decided to call him immediately the following morning to see if he could help me out with my own damaged properties. He came over promptly and assessed the damage and spent the time to explain and help me understand just how far the extent of the water damages was. I am a licensed general contractor and thought I had things under control but had an eye-opening experience after Pride’s evaluation. Without them, I would have agreed with my Adjuster’s opinion of the house being okay in general. The reality was almost 100% of the insulation in the walls was wet enough to be growing mold over time. Without their expertise, I would have left the walls as-is risking exponential mold growth and potential health hazards in the future. They also offered to help with my insurance claim and make sure those hidden damages would be covered.”

A veteran-owned company, Pride Cleaning & Restoration of Wilmington, NC specializes in residential and commercial emergency disaster and storm clean up in the Wilmington area. Services include water damage restoration, fire damage cleaning and restoration, smoke damage cleaning and restoration, mold removal, and green cleaning solutions. The remediation team works directly with the client and the client’s insurance company on the claim.


To receive a free, no-obligation estimate, call 1 (910) 507-2060. For more information about water damage restoration in Wilmington, NC, visit the Pride Cleaning & Restoration website at https://priderestorenc.com or contact the team by email at jseubert@priderestoration.com.

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