Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park

Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park

Jungle Rapids family fun park is an exciting place that offers a fantastic experience to many different demographics. Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, the park features attractions grouped into the dry and water park subsections. 

The Water Park

The standout water park operates on a seasonal basis annually, including selected dates between August and September. It’s not hard to understand why that decision was taken, considering the summer period’s implications and the necessity and uptick it creates in the need for water-based enjoyment. 

There are many fun attractions to partake in, including a couple of body water slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, the Rapid Racer, the Volcano, the Sidewinder, The Super Bowl, Warm Springs Spa, and the kids’ splash area. There are conveniently located refreshment areas, such as Big Splash Cafe, and the Snack Shack for fast food and drinks, respectively. 

You can’t bring outside food, drinks, or coolers into the water park, which means if you feel the need to grab a bite or have a drink while there, you are going to have to get comfortable with the idea of using the on-site refreshment areas. As is the case with any professional water park, lifeguards and attendants are out in full force to ensure an experience that is as safe as it is fun.

It would be best if you and anyone you are traveling with got themselves a pair of water shoes for the event. Note that free parking is available, as well as chaise lounges, a sun deck, free floats, and life jackets. The said lifejackets must be used for children under four feet tall. Finally, every paying adult entitles a child two years old or under to free entry. 

If you’re going to need a cabana, call to make your reservations for either a six-person or ten person unit. You get to exceed the cabana limitations by one person for free. Any additional person comes at an individual cost.

The Dry Park

The dry park is the other side of the coin, and it opens year-round, unlike the water park. There are many exciting activities to enjoy while present, and these include jungle golf, mini bowling, a spin zone, laser tag, a kids jungle, an arcade, a rock-climbing wall, and go-karts. 

Note that the park does group events and birthday parties if needed, so all you need to do is call in, share the details and requirements of your events, and let the staff members handle the rest.

While the water park uses a ticket system, the dry park activities attract individual costs that vary from adults, to seniors, to children. It is possible to obtain tickets that allow both water park and dry park activity access. Of course, those would only be available and feasible during the in-season periods of the water park. 

If have any interest in taking part in the wealth of activities that the park presents, feel free to visit any of its social media pages or its website.

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