Nail Salon Water Damage

Water Damage Cleanup In A Leland Nail Salon

Running a business can be very rewarding, but it isn’t without its challenges. There are many hurdles that nail salon owners may have to overcome, but when it comes to water damage cleanup, Leland NC, it’s crucial to have a reliable service provider you can count on to quickly and efficiently address any issues that may arise. 

Unfortunately, water damage to a nail salon isn’t uncommon, and it can be quite detrimental to a business. Appliances in the salon can break and leave the space flooded with water in no time. When this happens, nail salon owners must close up shop and miss out on valuable business opportunities.

Therefore, it’s important that business owners have a reliable water damage cleanup crew that they can call when issues like this happen. Fortunately, Leland, NC locals don’t have to look far to find the experts of Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. Their experts have worked on a variety of residential and commercial water damage jobs. This particular case study details the work they did to help restore a local nail salon that was impacted by water damage.

The Source of the Nail Salon’s Water Damage 

The owners of a nail salon discovered that there was water throughout their entire salon. It did not take long for them to discover that the source of the water leak was the plumbing for their spa chairs. The line that provides all of the chairs with water for pedicures was leaking for quite some time before it was noticed. In fact, it ended up causing some mold growth as well.

Since the damage was extensive, the nail salon owner contacted Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. for assistance. They knew that they could trust the professionals to get the job done with minimal downtime for their business so that they could get back to serving their customers.

The Response from the Water Damage Company

Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. always strives to provide fast responses for water damage disasters. Therefore, they dispatched a team of local professionals as soon as they were contacted by the nail salon’s owners. 

The contractors arrived on the scene of the water damage restoration with all of the tools they would need to quickly assess the damage and start the repairs. Their moisture meters allowed them to measure several areas to identify hidden water damage in floors, baseboards, and walls.

Customized Water Damage Cleanup Plan

Each job is unique, so the professionals of Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. always take the time to come up with the best solution for every situation. Based on all of their findings, they were able to create a personalized water damage cleanup for the nail salon. For this job, they determined that they would need to focus on:

  • Removing Damaged Materials
  • Drying out the Affected Area
  • Repairing the Salon

Removing Materials Affected by Water Damage

One of the first steps that the contractors took was removing all of the damaged materials. While they tried to salvage as much as possible, there were some things that weren’t able to be dried. 

For example, the technicians performed a flood cut on the drywall to remove what had been damaged beyond repair. They also used these cuts to take out damaged insulation. Some baseboards and other materials were removed as well due to mold damage.

Utilizing Drying & Dehumidification Equipment

The next focus of the water damage cleanup was to mitigate further damage by drying out the entire salon. They used a combination of drying and dehumidification equipment to remove moisture from the remaining materials and the air.

Since the contractors removed parts of the drywall, they were able to effectively remove moisture from within the walls. They continued to run the equipment until the moisture meters indicated that the entire area was dry.

Restoring the Property to Its Pre-Loss Condition

Finally, the water damage cleanup crew worked to restore the salon back to its original condition. Not only did they repair the drywall where they had made the flood cuts, but they also installed new baseboards, insulation, and more. The contractors worked quickly and efficiently to minimize the business’ downtime, but they never compromised the quality of their work. By the time they were finished, the salon owner was very happy with the results!

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Home or business owners in the Leland area can trust Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. with all of their water damage cleanup needs. To learn more about how their trained professionals can help get businesses restored, owners should call right away. They can also submit their project details through the simple online form to request a free quote for less urgent issues.

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