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Fire, Soot, and Smoke Damage Cleanup in Leland, NC

A house fire can be one of the most devastating things that a person can go through. Not only can this disaster cause significant damage from the flames, but it can also leave behind soot and smoke damage. This combination of odor and destruction can make it incredibly difficult for a homeowner to restore their home without the help of a trained professional.

In fact, it’s important that they choose the right fire and smoke damage cleanup company for the job. Unfortunately, this can be a challenging task because most homeowners only go through this situation once in their lifetime. Instead of being able to rely on their own experience, they must turn to reviews and case studies to find a reputable contractor to assist them. 

Customers in Leland don’t have to look far to find an example of how Pride Restoration of NC can help with smoke damage cleanup. This case study details a recent project they worked on to help a homeowner restore their fire-damaged home.

bathroom soot and smoke damage cleanup

The Cause of the Fire, Soot, and Smoke Damage

When Pride Restoration of NC was contacted about a house fire in Leland, they learned that it had started as an electrical fire in the kitchen. Initially, it burned the microwave that was installed above the stove.  However, the flames then spread to the adjacent cabinets and across the kitchen. Even though the fire was extinguished before the flames burned down the entire house, it still left behind significant damage throughout the rest of the house. 

The Assessment of the Damage

As soon as the fire and smoke restoration crew was contacted about the disaster in Leland, they dispatched some contractors. These experts arrived on the scene to assess the damage and mitigate further loss from the water used to fight the fire. 

When they began their assessment, they were able to determine how significant the damage truly was. Though the flames were mostly contained in the kitchen area, they still had to deal with major soot damage throughout the entire house. They also recognized that it would be a challenge to completely eliminate the smoke odor that had penetrated the walls, flooring, and other building materials.

bedroom and bathroom soot damage

Services Provided by Pride Restoration of NC 

Since the damage was so significant, the project ended up being a huge undertaking. Rather than just cleaning up the soot, it would require a full renovation, including all trades, such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Keep reading to see how Pride Restoration of NC was able to get the job done.

Removing Damaged Materials

The smoke damage cleanup was no simple task. Since the odor had spread throughout so much of the house, the contractors were only left with one option to treat it effectively. They gutted the entire house down to the studs so that they could remove any trace of the odor from within the walls and ceilings. 

They also removed any damaged flooring, cabinets, vanities, and other fixtures until all that was left was the framing. From there, they carefully removed the damaged materials from the property and disposed of them.

bathroom soot and smoke damage cleanup

Smoke Odor Removal

From there, they worked on treating the actual smoke odor that remained in the home. They were able to use their specialized tools and solutions to rid the entire house of any lingering smells. It was important that this step was done properly and thoroughly before they began to rebuild. Otherwise, the homeowners would be left with a pungent odor. 

Reconstruction and Remodel

Finally, the contractors began the reconstruction phase of the smoke damage cleanup. Since the extent of damage was so severe, this project required that the residence be brought up to new and current building codes in the area. Fortunately, the experts were able to do that with no problem. 

For the bathrooms, the contractors updated the space with new shower fixtures, new flooring, a vanity, and a toilet. In the kitchen, they installed new cabinets, appliances, and flooring, and they painted the walls. The bedrooms and other rooms in the house were updated as well.

The exterior of the house also required some work. The contractors removed and replaced all the vinyl siding and trims. They even installed new windows and doors!

bathroom shower soot damage

Find out More About Smoke Damage Cleanup Services for Homes in Leland, NC

The Leland home was transformed into a new, beautiful residence, and there was no evidence that a fire had occurred. The customers were very happy with the results! 

Homeowners in the Wilmington and Leland area should contact Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. to learn more about how they can help with smoke damage cleanup. The crew is available 24/7 to take emergency calls, or they can be contacted through their online form.  

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