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Restoring Property in Surf City, NC After A Water Incident

When a residential household in Surf City, NC, experienced a ruptured toilet water supply line, it caused damage in multiple rooms throughout the home. The incident was not just a simple leak; it was a reminder of how essential it is to have reliable water damage remediation experts on speed dial. Thankfully, these clients called our team at Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. and we tackled the challenge head-on, restoring the house to its former glory.

The Challenge: Multi-Level Water Damage

The incident began in the home’s upstairs toilet. The water supply line, a critical component often taken for granted, gave way and unleashed a torrent of water. As water traveled, it caused damage to multiple rooms. But the water didn’t stop there. It found its way downwards, leaking through the second floor as well. This included…

  • Major Damage in the Bathroom: The flooring, subfloor, and trim bore the brunt of the leak, being so close to the source of the water.
  • Destruction in the Bedroom: The carpet was soaked, damaging the subfloor beneath.
  • First Floor Havoc: The kitchen and bathroom ceilings were dripping, and the integrity of their structures was at stake. As water leaked in through the ceiling lights, much of the area was damaged.
  • Drywall Distress: Water seeped into the drywall, a critical component of the home’s structural integrity.

The Solution: Professional Water Damage Remediation Techniques

Our team of seasoned professionals arrived promptly, armed with advanced equipment and the knowledge to combat the calamity. We began with our trusted water damage remediation process:

Water Extraction 

We first addressed the pooling water, extracting it from all affected areas.

Removal of Damaged Materials

Some materials were damaged to the point where they needed to be removed. We also had to remove much of the flooring, carpet, trim, and drywall in order to dry out the area behind it to prevent mold.

Drying and Dehumidification 

Specialized equipment was used to dry the areas, ensuring no moisture remained, which could lead to mold growth. This included high power air movers and dehumidifiers

Flooring and Carpet Restoration

The damaged sections of the flooring, carpet, and subfloor were repaired or replaced, ensuring safety and aesthetic appeal.

Ceiling and Drywall Repair

We meticulously worked on the first floor ceilings and the compromised drywall, removing the damaged sections and restoring them to their original state.

The Outcome: Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. Completely Restores The Surf City Home

Thanks to our client’s quick response and expert techniques, the Surf City home was transformed from a watery disaster to its previous, cozy self. Our team performed ongoing monitoring using our moisture meters over the next week to ensure the home was completely dried out. Once we were finished,the homeowner could rest easy, knowing their sanctuary was once again safe and sound. For water damage remediation in Surf City, NC give our team a call at (910) 302-3155 or fill out the online form on our website for a free quote.

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