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HVAC Leak and Water Damage Cleanup in Carolina Beach

When it comes to owning a beach home, there is already a higher risk of water damage from the humidity and severe storms. However, some homeowners find that their property is damaged by less dramatic circumstances. For example, HVAC systems get a lot of use in coastal areas, and unfortunately, they can leak if they become damaged. 

While a small leak might not seem like a big deal, it can end up causing significant damage. For that reason, homeowners should contact a professional water cleanup company as soon as they notice water coming from their HVAC system. 

For home and property owners in Carolina Beach, it is easy to find a trusted team of contractors for the job. Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. has helped countless customers restore their personal homes and vacation rentals. In fact, this case study is a great example of how their company can help restore properties impacted by HVAC water damage.

The Source of the Condo’s Water Damage

A property owner of a beachside condo in Carolina Beach, NC recently discovered that the unit had suffered some water damage. Upon further inspection, they determined that the leak had come from the utility closet, and the HVAC system was to blame. Unfortunately, the water damage wasn’t contained to that area. It had spread throughout the two-story condo.

Not only did the owner find signs of water damage in the drywall and floor around the HVAC system, but they also saw that it had spread to the living room, laundry room, foyer, and hallway. Since the water damage was so extensive, the owner of the condo knew that they would need to call in a professional water damage company to assist with the restoration. 

Inspection by Pride Restoration of NC, Inc.

When Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. received the call from the owner of the condo, they sent out a team to assess the situation so that they could determine the best course of action for the cleanup. As soon as the crew arrived on the scene, they began to walk through both floors of the condo to check for signs of hidden water damage.

Their moisture meters allowed them to find water damage in the drywall, flooring, and trim. The contractors were also able to find signs of water damage in the living room ceiling and walls. Finally, they determined that the flooring throughout the living room, foyer, and hallway had also been affected, and the laundry room walls indicated that they had absorbed moisture as well.

Customized Water Damage Restoration Plan

After Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. completed its inspection, they started to customize the water cleanup plan. The experienced professionals understand that no two projects are the same, so for this particular job, they chose to focus on: 

  • Demolition of Damaged Materials
  • Drying & Dehumidifying
  • Repairing & Restoring Affected Area

Remove Damaged Materials

One of the first things that the contractors needed to do to clean up the water damage was to remove all of the materials that couldn’t be dried out. They worked to take out the affected drywall, flooring, and trim. It was important to complete this step first because it would aid the water cleanup crew in drying out the affected area. 

Dry and Dehumidify the Affected Areas

With the drywall removed, the crew was able to reach the interior of the ceilings and walls. As a result, they were able to expedite the drying process with their air movers and dehumidifiers. They strategically placed their equipment throughout the two floors of the condo to make sure that all excess moisture was removed from the remaining materials as well as the air. By the time they completed this process, the structure had been mitigated to the dry standard.

Repair and Restore the Damage

Finally, the contractors prepped the area for the repairs phase. The flooring, drywall, and trim are all ready to be replaced. Once this step is complete, the condo will be restored to its pre-loss condition and ready for use again.

Contact a Carolina Beach Water Cleanup Company to Learn More HVAC Leaks

Want to know more about how Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. can help with water damage cleanups like this job? If so, Carolina Beach property owners should contact the water cleanup company right away. 

The professionals are easy to reach by phone because they are available 24/7 for emergency services. That means they can come start on an HVAC leak cleanup right away. They also have a simple online form that customers can submit to request more information on pricing for less urgent matters.

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