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Crawl Space Sewage Cleanup in Castle Hayne, NC

Many homes in Castle Hayne, North Carolina, have crawl spaces that can flood with sewage if the sewer line or septic system leaks. When locals need crawl space sewage cleanup in Castle Hayne, NC, the best option is to call a professional restoration company.

A sewage leak in or under a home can lead to serious health concerns for residents and pose significant cleanup challenges for people without experience. Homeowners in the Castle Hayne area should contact an experienced sewer drain medic company immediately for cleanup and restoration services if they discover sewage in a crawl space.

Common Causes of Sewage or Septic Leaks

Several things can cause a sewage leak in or under a home, including:

  • Clogged appliance drain lines that cause appliances to leak through the floor
  • Clogged main sewer line backups
  • Broken pipes inside a wall or under the home that leak wastewater
  • Septic system backups that cause waste to seep up into a crawl space through a cracked foundation

Sewage contamination in or around a home can lead to several problems, including water damage, biohazard contamination, and noxious odors. The confined area of a crawl space also makes cleaning up a sewage leak more difficult, requiring professional sewage cleanup specialists in Castle Hayne, NC.

Risks Due to Sewage Leaks in Crawl Spaces

What are some of the typical risks a homeowner and their family might experience when sewage or wastewater leaks into their sewage space? Common risks from sewage leaks around a home include:

  • Mold growth and mildew. Moisture and dark, warm spaces promote mold and mildew growth that can cause allergic reactions and respiratory infections among people and pets who live in the home.
  • Noxious odors. Sewage and wastewater don’t smell good, and leaks of these materials under a home can release unpleasant smells or even fumes that can make people sick.
  • Biohazards. Wastewater may include food residue, blood, and human waste that can create a biohazard under a home and in the surrounding yard. These materials include potentially toxic bacteria, as well as food that can allow a bacterial culture to thrive.
  • Water damage. Water pooling under a home can absorb into the foundation, wooden support beams, drywall, and other materials and weaken the home structure.
  • Electric shock hazards. Standing wastewater or sewage under a home can transmit live electrical charges from exposed electrical sources, creating a risk for serious electrical injury.

What Residents Should Do in the Event of a Sewage Leak

Residents who notice a sewage or wastewater leak in their yards or crawl spaces should take the appropriate steps to keep themselves and their homes safe before contacting a professional cleanup service. After noticing sewage near their home, residents should:

  • Open windows to ventilate the home
  • Shut off utilities or call the utility company to turn off water, gas, and electrical services
  • Evacuate the home
  • Contact a professional service provider for sewage cleanup in Castle Hayne, NC

How do residents know when it’s time to call a sewage cleanup company? The first concern is identifying the leak as a sewer or septic system leak. Once a homeowner knows that the water contains waste, they should consider the size of the potentially contaminated area. Leaks in the crawl space could affect most of the home.

If the leak appears to be more than 24 hours old, homes might have already sustained severe water damage and contamination. Additionally, if there’s a chance that the wastewater came into contact with the HVAC system, residents should contact a professional sewage cleanup company immediately.

Professional sewage cleaners have the appropriate training, tools, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to handle sewage leaks safely and dispose of any contaminated materials appropriately.

How Restoration Companies Clean Up Sewage Leaks in Crawl Spaces

What does a sewage leak company do when cleaning a crawl space after a sewer line or septic system wastewater leak? Steps that professionals take during sewage cleanup include:

  • Mitigating additional contamination. Stopping the spread of wastewater contamination is essential. Turning off all water sources in the home can prevent additional leakage into the crawl space and surrounding yard.
  • Removing all affected materials. Any materials in the crawl space could suffer contamination and water damage from a sewage leak. Professionals should remove any materials possible and dispose of them properly.
  • Disinfecting all surfaces. Some materials can’t be removed, such as a home’s foundation and structural materials. Instead, professionals will disinfect and sanitize these surfaces thoroughly.
  • Inspecting for mold and structural damage. The cleanup crew should test for moisture and collect samples for mold spores to ensure that no harmful mold strains remain in the home’s crawl space.

Sewage Cleanup Services From Pride Restoration of NC, Inc.

Pride Restoration of NC, Inc., offers crawl space sewage cleanup in Castle Hayne, NC. Residents in the Castle Hayne area should contact this experienced restoration company for sewage cleanup and water damage restoration at (910) 302-3155 or by contacting Pride Restoration of NC online.

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