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Transforming Two Bathrooms: A Damage Restoration Case Study

Bathrooms are one of the most common spaces for water damage to occur. Not only are humidity levels higher in these rooms, but they also have more plumbing and fixtures that can leak. 

No matter the cause of the bathroom water damage, homeowners shouldn’t delay repairs. The longer the water sits in the home, the more damage it can cause. It can even lead to mold growth if it isn’t cleaned up within 24 hours.

Fortunately, homeowners don’t have to wait to start their water damage restoration in Wilmington, NC. Damage restoration contractors are available 24/7 at Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. Their professionals have the knowledge, skills, and resources to work on bathroom water damage of all types and sizes. In fact, this case study is a great example of how the experts can handle two full bathroom rebuilds at one time!

The Source of the Water Damage

A homeowner in Wilmington, NC recently discovered that they had significant water damage in not just one but two of their bathrooms! Most of the water damage had impacted the floor in the rooms. It had actually saturated the subfloor so that it was no longer stable. 

Since the water damage was so severe, the homeowners knew they would not be able to handle the cleanup on their own. Instead, they picked up the phone and put in a call to Pride Restoration of NC, Inc.

Professional Inspection and Assessment by Pride Restoration of NC, Inc.

As soon as the contractors received the phone call from the Wilmington homeowners, they dispatched a crew to the property. The very first step of any water damage restoration is a thorough inspection and assessment. Therefore, the contractors came to the house equipped with moisture meters. These tools allowed them to check various areas of the bathroom and surrounding rooms to see how far the water damage had spread.

They were able to confirm that the water damage was isolated to the two bathrooms. It primarily impacted the subfloor. In fact, they determined that the floor had been compromised too much. The best solution would be to completely remove and rebuild the structural floor system. Unfortunately, this would require additional work in the bathrooms as well. Keep reading to learn more about the specifics of this water damage repair.

The Process for Restoring the Bathroom Water Damage

Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. has worked on a variety of bathroom repairs since they started their business. As a result of their experience, they know just how important it is to create a customized plan for each water damage restoration. Wilmington, NC technicians decided that the following steps would be best for this particular bathroom water damage repair:

  • Demolition of Damaged Materials
  • Rebuild of Structural Floor System
  • Reconstruction of Two Full Bathrooms

Complete Demolition and Removal of Damaged Materials

In order to access the damaged subfloors of both bathrooms, quite a bit of demolition work had to take place. The contractors had to remove the tile showers, flooring, cabinets, and more. They even removed drywall and insulation that had been damaged by the leak as well. From there, the professionals were finally able to access the subfloor that had been destroyed by the water damage, and those planks were removed as well.

Rebuild of the Structural Floor System of Both Bathrooms

Before the contractors could begin to repair anything else, they started to reconstruct the structural floor system in both of the affected bathrooms. They added a new subfloor and made sure that it was well-supported by new floor joists. 

Complete Reconstruction and Restoration of Two Full Bathrooms

After the floor was repaired, the contractors were then faced with the task of rebuilding both of the bathrooms. They had to reinstall flooring, drywall, showers, toilets, and vanities. It was truly a complete transformation. By the time they were finished, the homeowner was left with two new, beautiful bathrooms, and they were thrilled with the results. 

Contact Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. for a Professional Water Damage Restoration

Homeowners who have any type of bathroom water damage shouldn’t attempt to restore the room on their own. Instead, they should request a professional water damage restoration. Wilmington, NC customers should reach out to Pride Restoration of NC, Inc. right away.

Their experienced contractors are available to help with any water damage projects–big or small. They can be reached by phone and are available 24/7 for emergency situations. Customers can also submit the online form to request a free quote for less urgent matters. 

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