Cameron Art Museum

Cameron Art Museum

Here’s a Wilmington museum that’s dedicated to improving the lives of its visitors through knowledge. There’s a lot of cultural significance to the location, and it aims to stand out based on the sheer quality of the exhibitions present. Additionally, there’s a focus on dynamic public programs, fostering lifelong learning, and the accurate interpretation of the pieces featured in the collection.

Your Bucket List

Whenever you pay a visit to the Cameron Art Museum, there are a few things you can consider to have a visit that is more fun and compelling. Try these simple activities:

  • Take a stroll through the awe-inspiring Art Park. If you’re a fan of sculptures or find them creative and engaging in some manner, you should have a great time during your walk. There are unique pieces from Dixon Stetler, Vollis Simpson, Mel Chin, Charlie Brouwer, and Clyde Jones. Vollis Simpson’s whirly-gig is one of the standout pieces, and you should make it a point of duty to get a very close look at it.
  • The Forks Road Civil War Site warrants a visit as well. Here, you get to see the last vestige of the Federal Point Road. If you’re not familiar with the name, it was a primary road in the 1860s for those traveling between Fort Fisher to Wilmington. You can read about the contentious Forks Road Battle, which contributed to the 1865 Fall of Wilmington.
  • Check out the nature trails and the beautiful pond that you can walk alongside. There’s quite a bit of native flora and fauna to appreciate as you walk. The Fruit Grove also makes an appearance here, and it’s an orchard that features figs, plums, blueberries, black muscadine grapes, peaches, pears, and apples. The grove was a 2011 planting to honor the late Paul Phillips.
  • CAM Café makes some tasty delights that you can and should choose to enjoy for your lunch while you’re present. Hop on your bike, head to the museum, get your lunch at the café, and sit at one of the provided picnic tables while you enjoy it.

Visiting CAM

If you intend to pay a visit to the impressive museum, there’s some information you need to prevent you from falling into a spiral of confusion. First, there’s the matter of the opening hours. The location is closed on Mondays, but opens on every other day as of 10 AM. On Thursday, opening hours go until 9 PM, while on other days, closing time is 5 PM. There is no opening on holidays.

A very uncommon part of the pricing model here is that anyone under 19 years old gets in for free.

There is a guided tour option that you can use to enhance your museum experience and have some fun with various hands-on activities. It’s a great way to ensure that you don’t miss anything important during your visit. If you’re interested in one of these tours, you need only head to the CAM website to secure your booking. You may also call in to make any reservations necessary.

Ready to discover over 57,000 objects from 1898? Visit The Cape Fear Museum of History and Science.

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